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July 20, 2018 - CHARLOTTE FIVE

Sycamore Brewing Expansion and New Ciders

The introduction of Wild Blossom to Sycamore’s lineup is part of the brewery’s larger expansion plans that have covertly been taking place over the last few months.

“Wild Blossom Cider is the perfect addition to our dynamic beer offering. Our Brut and Rosé ciders have become my go-to, guilt-free drinks of the summer,” says Sarah Brigham, co-owner of Sycamore Brewing. “It’s a new and unique product. It deserves its own look, feel, and brand.” ...

Wild Blossom Brut.png

July 10, 2018 - Queen City Weekend

Sycamore Brewing Makes Cider Now. Meet ‘Wild Blossom.’

When it comes to beer in Charlotte, Sycamore Brewing is recognized far and wide as one of the top brewers.

The brewery’s South End location is covered up practically every weekend with people young and old – usually with beer in hand.

And now, Sycamore is expanding its production to more than just beer. Meet Wild Blossom Cider, their newest line of alcohol on tap! ..


June 16, 2018 - Work For Your Beer

Drink of the Week: Wild Blossom Cider, "Island Freeze"

Did you guys know that Sycamore Brewing started its own cider line, Wild Blossom Cider? We knew that Sycamore had a variety of all natural, gluten-free ciders on tap to choose from, but we had no idea that they were the ones actually crafting it! 

It all started with Sycamore's head brewer, Brad Bergman, who went to Appalachian State University and studied chemistry with an emphasis in Brewing Science. ...

Wild Blossom Rosé Cider.png

April 24, 2018 - Charlotte Business Journal

South End brewery taps new niche with cider line

This South End brewery sees producing cider as a natural next step.

Sycamore Brewing’s own cider line — Wild Blossom Cider — is now on tap at its Hawkins Street facility.

It debuted earlier this month. 

That makes Sycamore the first local brewery to produce beer and cider, says Justin Brigham. ...

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Sycamore’s largest all-day party, Spring Fest, takes place on Saturday — and this year, it’ll have a new cider.

“We expect to see a couple thousand over the course of the day,” said Sycamore co-owner Sarah Brigham. 7,200 people have expressed interest in Spring Fest on Facebook and over 850 people say they’re going. ...